It’s so important to learn to respond vs. react. We need to ‘pause’ before we’re about to react to something we don’t like. Take a deep breath, give space, wait, then respond. This will bring more positive outcomes in our life.  — Claudia Proushan



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On the Road to Shambala with Claudia Proushan

Today we join with Cláudia Proushan, an accomplished artist, writer and photographer from São Paulo, Brazil, who holds a Fine Arts degree from FAAP and studied Chinese painting in Paris. Focusing on art and spirituality, her books “Lights of the Galilea” and “Tibet, in the Heart of the Himalayas” beautifully feature her stunning photographs and watercolors. She has exhibited her work globally and is a recipient of the “Peace Media Award”.

Claudia shares her 35 years of experiences traveling widely with Lama Gangchen, highlighting travels to Tibet, Mongolia, and China, and regularly witnessed his unique ability to connect with all kinds of people and his unifying power of bringing diverse people together to share his message of peace.

Claudia shares her practice of reciting mantras during times of conflicts and fondly recalls hosting Lama Gangchen for 30 years, while helping build the numerous dharma centers and projects throughout Brazil. 

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Mystical Experiences: Lama Gangchen identifying the presence of Shambala while traveling on a train journey in Mongolia.
  • Art and Spirituality: Claudia discusses how her art and photography are deeply intertwined with her spiritual journey.
  • Healing Stories: Lama Gangchen’s healing abilities, including a miraculous pregnancy and the joy he brought to all situations, especially challenging ones.

Claudia Proushan, a radiant light, A beacon of strength in the still of night, With gentleness and ease she graces Art and words, in countless places.


In São Paulo, her heart resides, Where creativity and peace collide, An artist’s soul, both deep and true, With visions bright and skies of blue.


Through lens and brush, her stories are told, In vibrant hues, her spirit bold, A teacher’s wisdom, calm and clear, Guiding hearts both far and near.


She builds with care, with love imbues, Lama Gangchen’s sacred views, Centers rise where hope can bloom, Dispelling shadows, lifting gloom.


Her books, a testament to peace, To Tibetan culture’s sweet release, Exhibitions that traverse the lands, Bringing light with gentle hands.

Oh, Claudia, with your gentle grace, You paint the world a brighter place, In every stroke, and every line, A touch of the divine does shine.

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