“If you help others, you feel good. It doesn’t matter if the others recognize it or not. Recognition is not part of it. The recognition is only for yourself.” — Miriam Chavas

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A Diplomat's Path to Inner Peace and Peaceful Solutions

In this conversation, you'll learn:

Miriam Charvas is a career diplomat from Argentina. Miriam’s background in international relations and political science led her to serve as a diplomat in various locations, including Brazil, Geneva, and Germany. However, her life took a profound turn in 2008 when she embarked on a journey into Tibetan Buddhism. Today, Miriam joins us to share her extraordinary experiences and the impact Lama Gangchen had on her life.

  • How Miriam’s encounter with Lama Ganchen transformed her life and her work as a diplomat.
  • The profound teachings of inner peace and their application in diplomatic negotiations.
  • Miriam’s unique perspective on fostering peace and respect in a world marked by divisiveness.
  • The importance of personal responsibility and self-care in times of uncertainty.

In this time of strife, let us find solace,

Amid the chaos, let our minds embrace.

The news may swirl with fear and despair,

But we shall not falter, we’ll rise with care.

So let us be mindful, our time well spent,

Physically and spiritually, we shall transcend,

Amidst the storms, we must stand strong,

With these sacred methods, our souls shall mend.

Sincere thanks to our Guest

Miriam’s insights and eloquence left us inspired and hopeful. Her ability to bring the teachings of Lama Gangchen into her diplomatic endeavours offers a fresh perspective on conflict resolution and the pursuit of peace. In a world where divisiveness often reigns, Miriam’s dedication to peaceful solutions is a much-needed perspective.

Her commitment to creating win-win situations and fostering respect is truly remarkable. Join us in expressing gratitude to Miriam Charvas for sharing her incredible journey with us.

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