“The shake of a hand and the deal is done, It doesn’t matter if it’s a million dollars or whatever. What does matter is what you give your word for.” — Yogesh Madhvani




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Multi Faith Values in Business and Life: Yogesh Madhvani's Journey of Wisdom, Success and Resilience

In this edition, we delve into the inspiring journey of Yogesh Madhvani, the Chairman and CEO of SimplexDiam Inc., a New York-based company. With over 33 years as an entrepreneur, Yogesh has navigated a diverse range of industries, from textiles to diamonds. 

He has successfully managed and nurtured various aspects of the diamond and jewelry business, spanning trading, manufacturing, wholesaling, and services for retailers and wholesalers alike.

This episode is full of miracle blessings, as we hear Yogesh’s remarkable story of surviving a near-death experience, defying medical odds and being sustained by the blessings of Lama Gangchen. His firsthand account underscores the profound impact of spirituality on one’s life.

In this conversation, you'll learn:


  • Discover Yogesh’s multi-faith upbringing, from his education in a Christian school to engaging in Hindu prayers with a female guru on his family’s land, and his deepening understanding of Buddhism through his association with Lama Gangchen.
  • Explore Lama Gangchen’s philosophy of multi-faith inclusion, learning to meet people where they are on their spiritual journeys, and fostering peace and joy without imposing rigid dogmas.
  • Understand how Yogesh integrated values of respect, gratitude, strong relationships,  doing the right thing and embracing celebrations into his business practices.
  • Delve into Yogesh’s commitment to honoring his promises, and how this ethical approach shapes customer interactions and defines the very essence of his company’s values and success.

In a tapestry of faith, he weaves his life,

A journey rich with lessons, free from strife.

From Christian halls to Hindu prayers so grand,

And with Lama’s teachings, he found solid land.


Lama Gangchen’s embrace, a beacon bright,

Guided Yogesh’s steps through day and night.

In business, joy was spread with every deal,

His heart’s compassion, an eternal seal.


A promise kept, a word that’s true,

In customer care, his ethics grew.

Surviving odds with Lama’s blessings true,

A testament to strength, to faith anew.


Yogesh’s path, a story of grace,

A symphony of faith in every space.

His life’s a testament, a radiant light,

Guiding us forward, through day and night.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

As we conclude this enlightening episode, we’re reminded of the transformative power of spiritual wisdom in both personal and professional realms. Yogesh Madhvani’s journey serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path of multi-faith harmony, joy, and ethical business practices. Let his experiences inspire you to embrace compassion, joy, and inclusivity in your own life. 

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