“With the practice of the five great mothers of the elements, we can use this to interconnect feminine energy and peace in the world through the wisdom and the love and compassion of the women” — Maria Cristina

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Transforming Anxiety to Empowerment, A Journey of Growth and Healing with Lama Gangchen

Maria Cristina Quintili, a resident of Italy, is a career teacher with Italy’s Ministry of Education and Montessori education for special needs children. Proficient in multiple languages, she’s dedicated decades to volunteering at the Albagnano Healing Meditation Center (AHMC), where she serves as a chant leader, translator, Tibetan meditation and Trulkhor yoga teacher.

Maria Cristina’s most remarkable qualities include her deep understanding of Lama Gangchen’s teachings and her ability to convey them to others. She leads pujas, chants, meditations, and Trulkhor yoga sessions in Tibetan, seamlessly translating them into Italian and English. Her unwavering commitment, boundless energy, and dedication to sharing inner peace teachings for the benefit of all are truly inspiring.

In this conversation, you'll learn:


Join us as we explore Maria Cristina’s incredible journey and the wisdom she has gained through her connection with Lama Gangchen:

  • A Fateful Encounter: Maria Cristina shares her serendipitous encounter with a young Tibetan girl during the aftermath of an earthquake in Nepal, which led her to Lama Gangchen’s house in Kathmandu.
  • Lama Gangchen’s Compassion: Explore Lama Gangchen’s ability to create immense trust and compassion for everyone around him, and how his guidance helped Maria Cristina overcome personal challenges, including anorexia, anxiety, and shyness.
  • Miracles and Healing: Maria Cristina recounts her experiences witnessing Lama Gangchen performing miracles, including helping a woman overcome infertility. She also discusses the importance of cleansing the elements in our environments.
  • Interdependence and our Environment: Learn about the importance of recognizing the interdependence of all beings and the necessity of taking care of our environment. 
  • Empowering Women: Explore Lama Gangchen’s commitment to empowering women and guiding them into leadership roles, recognizing the healing potential of feminine energy in healing the planet.

In Lama’s gentle presence, anxiety did subside,

Maria’s journey of growth, a radiant tide.

Through teachings and grace, she found her way,

A path of courage and light, day by day.


From trembling to teaching, her spirit took flight,

In Lama’s wisdom, she found her inner light.

With each step forward, her fears fell away,

In the embrace of compassion, she chose to stay.


From anxiety’s grip, she broke free and soared,

With Lama as guide, her soul was restored.

A journey of healing, in the guru’s embrace,

Maria found peace, in every step’s grace.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

As we conclude this remarkable episode, we’re reminded of the profound impact of spiritual guidance and the transformative power of compassion, trust, and inner peace.

Maria Cristina’s journey, shaped by her connection with Lama Gangchen, serves as a testament to the possibilities of personal growth and positive change. Let her experiences inspire you to embrace the teachings of interdependence, compassion, and empowerment in your own life. 

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