“There’s a Guru in all of us, Use an external Guru to unlock your inner Guru that is in your heart” — Toet De Best




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Service, Meditation and Healing:
Toet de Best's Remarkable Life

Toet de Best, a lifelong resident of the picturesque Netherlands. Toet’s life story is a tapestry woven with threads of spirituality, service, and profound connections. For over three decades, she traveled the world alongside Lama Gangchen, a journey that weaves an incredible tale of spiritual growth, self-discovery, and compassion. 

As a dedicated volunteer, she played an instrumental role as the permanent Dutch translator for Lama Gangchen and co-founded the Lama Gangchen Foundation in Holland.

Toet’s journey goes even deeper, beginning as a 9-year-old with a near-death experience that left her with existential questions about life’s purpose, human suffering, and the disparities between wealth and poverty. Which led her to Tibetan Buddhism, where she discovered that the peaceful state she encountered during her near-death experience could also be found through meditation. Join us as we explore Toet de Best’s extraordinary life, her adventures with Lama Gangchen, and the profound insights that have shaped her remarkable journey.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

Past Life Adventures and Friendships: Discover the mystical realms of past life connections and deep friendships that have woven through Toet’s journey with Lama Gangchen.

Lama’s Sense of Humor: Explore Lama Gangchen’s unique sense of humor, especially in the context of fashion, a facet of his personality that brought joy and lightness to their journey.

Transcendental Experiences: Join us as Toet describes a transcendent moment where she saw the Buddha’s head move, an encounter that confirmed the existence of other dimensions.

Peaceful Passages with Lama: Hear about the deep sense of peace that Lama Gangchen brought to the final moments of individuals’ lives when they shared their last breaths with him.

In the heart of Holland, Toet de Best did dwell,

A lifelong journey, with tales to tell.

She traveled the world with Lama Gangchen by her side,

A steadfast volunteer, her spirit open wide.


For three decades or more, their paths intertwined,

A Dutch translator, in Lama’s presence she’d find.

Co-founder of a foundation, their mission clear,

To spread compassion, love, and lessen fear.


At nine years old, a near-death’s gentle embrace,

A blissful moment, in a tranquil space.

A life of service, in causes altruistic and grand,

Toet de Best, a compassionate soul in this earthly land.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

As we conclude this enlightening episode, we’re reminded of the transformative power of spiritual connection and the profound influence of compassionate spiritual guides like Lama Gangchen Rinpoche. 

Francesco Prevosti’s journey serves as a testament to the enduring impact of a spiritual path and the importance of letting go of the ego for true growth. 

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