“I was speaking to Rinpoche on the phone and I told him I found a way to stare negativity in it’s face, and he responded, ‘Yes! Look but don’t touch’ (You can look at negativity but don’t get close to it and touch it)” — Bel Cesar



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Bel Cesar

A Mother, Healer, and Teacher: Bel Cesar's Remarkable Life with Lama Gangchen

Today, we are privileged to introduce you to a remarkable individual, Bel Cesar, whose spiritual journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Bel, the mother of Lama Michel and the founder of the very first Lama Gangchen meditation center in Brazil and in the west, has dedicated her life to the profound teachings of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche.

Bel’s journey into the world of spirituality is woven with threads of profound significance. With a background as a Brazilian clinical psychologist, she has spent decades working with a method known as Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine, helping individuals heal psychological traumas. Since 1992, she has been a steadfast pillar of support for those facing the end of life. Her extensive experience includes a 16-year tenure as the President of the Dharma Peace Center and 18 years of partnership with Peter Webb, where they conducted activities in Ecopsychology at the Clara Luz Life Site in Itapevi, São Paulo.

This conversation is made even more special as Bel’s husband, a brilliant translator, assists in bridging the gap by translating our dialogue from Portuguese to English. As we explore Bel’s journey, we delve into her profound insights and life experiences, guided by the teachings of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, a spiritual mentor of immeasurable wisdom and compassion.

In this conversation, you'll learn about:

Lama Michel’s Awakening: Lama Gangchen’s successor, Lama Michel, experienced a spiritual awakening at a tender age of 5, guided by inner voices and destined for a unique journey.

Precious Jewel: Bel’s role in Lama Michele’s life was one of silent support, allowing him to make the choice to study with Lama Gangchen, nurturing this precious spiritual connection.

Gathering of Hundreds: Bel recounts her experiences arranging meetings for 350 people during Lama Gangchen’s first visit, all eager to meet this special Lama Healer.

Liberation from Seeking Permission: Lama Gangchen’s advice liberated Bel from the need for permission, empowering her to trust her own instincts and inner wisdom.

A Terminal Diagnosis That Never Came: Bel’s powerful story of awaiting a terminal diagnosis that never arrived, a transformative experience that led her to work with terminally ill individuals.

In Brazil’s heart, where mystic rivers flow,

Bel Cesar’s spirit found its vibrant glow.

A mother and teacher, guiding souls with grace,

In Lama Gangchen’s teachings, she found her place.


With wisdom deep, she tread a sacred way,

Co-founding centers, where minds found their ray.

From death’s embrace, she offered solace sweet,

A gentle soul, life’s wonders to release.


In Bel’s bright presence, we find pure grace,

A beacon of compassion, in every place.

Her journey’s wisdom, shared with open heart,

A testament to lives she’s helped to chart.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

As we conclude this illuminating episode, we’re reminded of the transformative power of service, compassion, and the profound connection between psychology, spirituality, and our relationship with the world around us. Bel Cesar’s life is a testament to the capacity of the human spirit to touch the lives of many and make the world a better place. Join us again for more inspiring conversations on “Life with a Lama Healer.”

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