“The hospital is more important than my temples, the hospital is in need, we need to help the people in need, the nurses are true emanations of Tara.” — Rinpoche



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Unlocking Tibetan Wisdom: Dr. Tsetan's Healing Legacy

This week, we delve into the profound life journey of Dr. Tsetan, born in Dakshug Village, Tibet, and a close relative of Lama Gangchen. Growing up within the nurturing embrace of Lama Gangchen’s family, Dr. Tsetan gained unique access to Lama Gangchen’s wisdom and healing practices. Raised in a traditional Buddhist household, he imbibed the teachings of dharma and frequented Tashi Lungpo Monastery.

Initially on the path to becoming a monk, Dr. Tsetan redirected his journey toward the study of medicine at Lhasa University, a choice guided by his mother’s vision of extending help to a broader audience. For many years, he served as a Tibetan doctor at Tashi Lungpo before Lama Gangchen brought him to Italy in 2007 to contribute to the Albagnano Healing Meditation Center. Under Lama Gangchen’s personal tutelage, Dr. Tsetan carries forth this healing legacy, residing in Albagnano with his wife Tenzin and their three children. His healing work emanates deep wisdom, inner calm, and boundless compassion.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

First Impressions of Westerners in Tibet: Dr. Tsetan reflects on the cultural exchange and initial experiences with Westerners arriving in Tibet.

Holistic Approach to Medicine: Dr. Tsetan advocates for an integrated approach, combining traditional Tibetan medicine with holistic practices for comprehensive healing.

Miracles and Healing Energy: Sharing awe-inspiring moments witnessing Lama Gangchen’s miracle energy and profound healing capabilities.

Guidance Beyond Life: Even in Lama Gangchen’s passing, his teachings continue to guide and inspire those committed to the path of healing and self-transformation.

In Himalayan heights where spirits soar,

Dr. Tsetan’s wisdom, a healing lore.

Born in Tibet, where monks and mountains meet,

A healer’s journey, in compassion’s heartbeat.


From Dakshug’s embrace to Italy’s repose,

Lama Gangchen’s teachings, where healing flows.

Tibetan echoes in each gentle word,

A doctor’s touch, where soul and body stirred.


In Albagnano’s haven, he finds his grace,

Holistic healing, a sacred embrace.

Through water, cream, and ancient pills,

Dr. Tsetan’s wisdom, a cure that fulfills.


A mentor’s legacy, Rinpoche’s call,

In Italy’s embrace, his children’s thrall.

Guiding patients with a compassionate hand,

In harmony, he teaches, a healer grand.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

Dr. Tsetan’s journey is a testament to the enduring impact of Tibetan wisdom and the transformative power of healing rooted in compassion and self-awareness.

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