I will take care of you forever and give you everything you want” — Lama Gangchen” 

Ara Tokatyan



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Healing Beyond Boundaries: Ara's Inspirational Path of Overcoming Illness and Finding Joy

Today we are joined by Ara Tokatyan, a native Californian and daughter of artists, who embodies wisdom and joy, offering profound insights into living a fully vital life in the face of chronic illness. Her journey led her to Milan, where she met Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and Lama Michel. 

In our conversation, Ara shares her experiences with Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, highlighting the powerful impact of his self-healing practices. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004, Ara’s journey towards healing took unexpected turns. Her determination to strengthen her mind through meditation, despite being on heavy medication, reveals her inner strength and resilience. Ara’s understanding of karma became a guiding force, leading her to take responsibility for her health. 

Lama Gangchen’s teachings and practices, such as self-healing, opened her eyes to the potential for miracles and the transformative power of positive thoughts. Her story reflects the harmonious blend of Western and Eastern approaches to learning, emphasizing Lama Gangchen’s healing methods and inner peace teachings. Ara works as a simultaneous translator for Lama Michel and is a dedicated volunteer at the Albagnano Healing Meditation Center. She greatly contributes to the Center’s activities, emphasizing the importance of karma in shaping our present and future.

“Ara asked, When will I be symptom free?, Lama said, “When all of your thoughts are happy thoughts”

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Power of Positive Thoughts:  Ara’s journey showcases the transformative power of maintaining positive thoughts and a commitment to happiness.

  • Karma and Responsibility: Understanding karma empowered Ara to take responsibility for her health, leading to a shift in her approach to healing.

  • Self-Healing Practices: Witnessing self-healing practices, Ara experienced profound emotional moments, realizing the immense weight Lama Gangchen carried for everyone.

  • Miracles and Connections: Lama Gangchen’s teachings on keeping your eyes open for miracles and his ability to heal all kinds of sicknesses with people from all walks of life.

  • Blending Eastern and Western Approaches: Ara’s story reflects the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western learning, emphasizing the efficacy of Lama Gangchen’s teachings in diverse cultural contexts.

In the tapestry of life, where shadows may dance,

Ara, a beacon of joy, in every circumstance.

From California’s embrace to Milan’s healing art,

Her journey unfolds, a testament to the heart.


In the face of illness, she found Lama’s guiding light,

A translator of wisdom, in service shining bright.

Karma’s seeds she tended, responsibility embraced,

Ara’s story, a melody of healing, beautifully traced.


In the dance of languages, she wove a thread,

A symphony of gratitude, where love is spread.

Through illness and triumph, a tale unfolds,

Ara, a soul vibrant, in wisdom’s arms she holds.

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