One of Rinpoche’s qualities, in order to teach or transform someone, he used to behave just like them. It’s a very deep way of teaching, like a mirror reflection immersed in their world and understanding their strife. This created a bridge where you slowly start to change and begin to appreciate enlightenment” – Monica Benvenuti 




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Life to Life, Tuning into Peace: Monica's Profound Connection with Lama Gangchen

Today, we’re honored to have Monica Benvenuti with us. Born in Brazil, she traveled to Italy in the 1980s, meeting Lama Gangchen and being deeply inspired by his healing energy. She then traveled from Brazil to India to study with Lama and began helping him with his patients. Profoundly moved by Lamas’ healing abilities she decided to invite him to Brazil. In Brazil she introduced him to Lama Michel and his parents and other important people.

Monica’s role became even more significant when she discovered Lama Michel was a Tulku and the reincarnation of Lama Gangchen’s guru, and played a crucial role in establishing the first Dharma center in Brazil. Her efforts sowed the seeds for countless Brazilians to benefit from Lama Gangchen’s wisdom, making her a vital catalyst in bringing Lama’s teachings to the West.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Miraculous Healings: Monica recounts profound stories of healing, both mental and physical, attributed to Lama Gangchen’s wisdom and Tibetan medicine. These miracles underscore the extraordinary impact of Lamas inner peace practices on well-being.
  • Lead by Example: Lama Gangchen’s teaching style, leading by example, left a lasting impression on Monica. His emphasis on practical guidance and setting a living example serves as a powerful model for her spiritual growth. She traveled the world with Lama Gangchen and witnessed first hand his example of living with altruism and peace.
  • Trust in Yourself Is Trust for Others: Throughout, she emphasizes the enduring importance of trust in oneself that can lead to finding your spiritual path, meeting a spiritual guide and living one’s life in alignment with your values. Trust in oneself, Monica conveys, Trust in oneself is a gift that forever stays.

Monica Benvenuti, a bridge between worlds,

From Brazil to Italy, her story unfurls.

In the ’80s, she embarked on a quest,

Encountering Lama Gangchen, feeling blessed.

Inspired by his healing energy so profound,

She traversed continents, wisdom to be found.

From Brazil to India, a journey so divine,

Studying with Lama, a sacred design.

In the tapestry of fate, their paths entwined,

Monica’s heart and Lama’s teachings aligned.

A catalyst for change, she took a stand,

Inviting Lama to Brazil, a vision so grand.

Introducing him to Lama Michel with grace,

And to others, creating a sacred space.

Her role expanded, significance grew,

Seeds of Dharma planted, a vision true.

Discovering Lama Michel as a Tulku divine,

The reincarnation of Lama Gangchen’s shrine.

A crucial role in the West she played,

Dharma’s roots in Brazil, firmly laid.

In the dance of destiny, Monica weaves,

A tale of devotion, where the heart believes. 

Her journey with Lama, a sacred art,

A bridge between worlds, and a compassionate heart.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

Many Thanks to United Peace Voices, Illaria Ceccerelli and Gloria for their beautiful recordings!

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