“Even with all the distress in the world when you turn the news on, I put my hand on my heart and say a mantra, Peace with everything, Everything with Peace, I’m trying to transmit peace wherever I can” — Jeanne Gregory



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Bodhisattva's Calling: Jeanne Gregory's Compassionate Actions

Today we delve into the inspiring journey of Jeanne Gregory, from London, England. Introduced to Lama Gangchen in 1995, Jeanne’s path as a nurse and pain therapist intersected profoundly with Lama’s teachings. 

Despite being a single mother of six, she embraced the dharma wholeheartedly, leading to the establishment of a self-healing group to share Lama’s profound healing methods. Jeanne’s experiences have led her to the noble task of assisting the sick and dying, guiding them towards peace during their transition, embodying the essence of a true Bodhisattva.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Embracing Self-Healing: Jeanne recounts the calming presence of Lama Gangchen, who advised her on integrating self-healing practices into her hectic life. With simple yet powerful healing mantras, Jeanne found solace and tranquility amid her busy schedule, a testament to the accessibility and efficacy of Lama’s teachings.

  • Compassion in Death: Drawing from her experiences in hospitals, Jeanne shares the importance of providing peaceful transitions for those nearing the end of life. Guided by Lama Gangchen, she learned invaluable techniques to ease the journey of the departing soul, emphasizing the significance of a serene passing for a tranquil rebirth.


    The Serendipitous Encounter: Jeanne’s journey with Lama Gangchen began in an unexpected manner, as she stumbled upon a postcard featuring Lama’s smiling face on the streets of London. This chance encounter became a pivotal moment, symbolizing the profound connection between student and master when the seeker is truly ready to embark on the path of healing and spiritual growth.

In London’s bustling streets, a tale unfolds,

Of Jeanne Gregory, with a heart of gold.

In the 1990s, she met Lama Gangchen,

Whose teachings sparked a flame within.


A nurse and pain therapist by trade,

She embraced the Dharma, unafraid.

With six children to raise, a single mom’s plight,

Yet she delved into wisdom, seeking the light.


Creating a self-healing group, she shared,

The profound teachings that she dared,

To integrate into her busy life’s flow,

Where Dharma’s essence began to glow.


Through trials and triumphs, she learned to weave,

The threads of compassion, to relieve,

The suffering of those who were ill,

With a touch of kindness, she’d instill.

With words of comfort, she’d softly impart,

Guiding them gently, heart to heart.

Jeanne Gregory, a true Bodhisattva, indeed,

Whose life of service,love, kindness and peace

Are a inspiration for all who seek.

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Jeanne Gregory’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, illustrating the transformative power of compassion, healing, and spiritual guidance. Through her work and experiences, she embodies the essence of selflessness and empathy, offering solace and support to those in need during life’s most profound moments. Join us in honoring Jeanne’s dedication and wisdom as we navigate the path towards healing and inner peace.

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