If we have inner peace we will appreciate peace in our communities and in the world.— Thonla Sonam



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Healing Heart and Mind: Thonla Sonam's Wisdom

Today, we are super happy to be talking with Thonla Sonam who was born in Tibet and is Lama Gangchen’s nephew.

He founded a Tibetan incense business in Nepal and in 1999, he moved to Milan at Lama Gangchen’s request where he and his wife founded a beautiful shop called Tibet Milano selling goods from the Himalayas. 

These days Thonla can be found on Facebook and YouTube where he has a very big following for his divine Tibetan singing bowl meditations. He also offers courses and workshops throughout Europe. Always kind and loving, Thonla exudes wisdom, compassion and inner  joy. 

In our conversation with Thonla Sonam, he fondly reminisces about his childhood in Tibet and the profound influence of his uncle, Lama Gangchen. He shares anecdotes of Lama Gangchen’s spiritual teachings and transformative healing experiences. And he reflects on the importance of cultivating inner peace and joy, inspired by Lama Gangchen’s wisdom. Through these reflections, Sonam highlights the enduring legacy of Lama Gangchen’s compassion and teachings.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Cultivating Inner Peace: Despite life’s challenges, he reflects on the transformative power of maintaining inner tranquility and finding joy in every moment.
  • Spiritual Guidance and Healing: He highlights Lama Gangchen’s unconventional methods and teachings, the Mahasiddha way, which transcended words and provided healing on both spiritual and emotional levels.
  • Legacy of Compassion:  He shares stories of Lama Gangchen’s humility, generosity, and unwavering commitment to spreading compassion, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and uplift others.

In the land where prayer flags sway,

Thonla Sonam began his journey’s play,

Born in Tibet, amidst mountains’ grand display,

A soul of light, destined to find his own highway.


Twelve siblings strong, a family’s embrace,

In the cradle of tradition, with love and grace,

Lama Gangchen’s kin, with a sacred space,

Bound by blood, a lineage to trace.


To Nepal’s embrace, Thonla found his way,

With brother Jamyang, under skies of gray,

In the valleys’ whispers, they chose to stay,

Building dreams anew, with each passing day.


From the earth’s bounty, with tender care,

Thonla crafted incense, a healing prayer,

Infused with mantras, floating in the air,

Aromatic offerings, love beyond compare.


Milan’s streets welcomed, at Lama’s behest,

Tibet Milano bloomed, a haven blessed,

Where treasures from the heights found their nest,

Echoes of home, in each loving guest.


In cyberspace’s realm, Thonla’s voice soars,

Facebook and YouTube, where hearts implore,

His singing bowls’ whispers, ancient lore,

Guiding souls to peace, forevermore.


In workshops’ embrace, across Europe’s land,

Thonla spreads wisdom, like grains of sand,

A light in the darkness, forever to abide.

With kindness as his compass and love as his guide.

Many Thanks to our Guest!

Many Thanks to United Peace Voices, Illaria Ceccerelli and Gloria for their beautiful recordings!

For more information on Thonla’s courses, workshops and streaming: Dharma Sound 

If you’re in Milan, you can visit his two shops: Tibet Milano.

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