“The path that I was trying to walk with him is still developing. He left us a trail of gold, full of blessings, and gradually it’s revealing itself. Lama Gangchen left everything we need, like a chorus of guidance. All we have to do is follow.” — Lama Caroline

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Part Two

Sacred Journeys and Practical Wisdom: Lama Caroline sharing Lama Gangchen’s roadmap to inner peace

Today we continue our captivating conversation, Part 2 with Lama Caroline. In our previous episode, we explored Lama Caroline’s deep connection with Lama Gangchen and the wisdom she gained from their collaboration.

In this episode, we delve into Lama Caroline’s extraordinary experiences while traveling to holy places, witnessing Lama Gangchens healings, and feeling his guiding presence in her daily life.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Lama Caroline’s transformative encounters and experiences while visiting holy places, where she witnessed extraordinary events and healings with Lama Gangchen.

  • The enduring presence of Lama Gangchen in Lama Caroline’s life and the profound impact his guidance has had on her spiritual journey.

  • Generosity Pockets; The giant, never-ending pockets of Lama Gangchen’s giving to others.

In sacred spaces we ventured, hand in hand,

Where prayers and devotion, together, expand.

The air, infused with blessings pure and bright,

From enlightened souls who graced these sites.


Their energy, a gentle hum, did flow,

Peace and compassion, they kindly bestow.

With hearts enshrined, we bear this sacred force,

To share its vibrations on life’s grand course.


Let us embrace these gifts, divinely pure,

And let them ripple outward, to endure.

In every corner, love and kindness unfurled,

Spreading grace and harmony, to all the world.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

We hope you enjoyed this insightful conversation with Lama Caroline, where she shared her remarkable experiences of traveling to holy places, witnessing countless healings, and sharing practical guidance from Lama Gangchen on how to live a fulfilling, peaceful life.

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