“Spirituality is with yourself and with the whole universe, with the plans around you, with the people around you to open the door of love because everything goes back to love.” — Danny Calmanowitz

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Nurturing the Legacy: A Father's Journey to Love and Wisdom

Danny Calmanowitz is the co-founder of the first meditation center of Lama Gangchen in Brazil and the father of Lama Michel, the successor for Lama Gangchen Rinpoche.

Danny met Lama in 1987 in Sao Paolo, Brazil and traveled with him to sacred holy sites around the world. He represents the Brazilian Foundation in interfaith movements and meetings, and is involved in various peace education initiatives. Danny’s unique perspective as a very close student of Rinpoche gives us many transformative insights.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Daniel’s journey of studying and traveling with Lama Gangchen to sacred sites in India, Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, and the Amazon Forest.
  • The role of Danny as the father of Lama Michelle and his involvement in carrying forward Lama Gangchen’s teachings and leading various foundations and projects
  • Danny’s representation of the Brazilian Foundation in interfaith movements and meetings, promoting peace and intercultural understanding.
  • His coordination of peace education courses and activities in schools, NGOs, businesses, and hospitals, spreading the teachings of Lama Gangchen.
  • Danny’s personal transformation and ordination as a monk, exemplifying the embodiment of Buddhist principles and peace.

Father, your holy body and my body.

Father, your holy speech and my speech.

Father, your holy mind and my mind, bless me.

So they become inseparable and of the same nature.

Mother, your holy body and my body.

Mother, your holy speech and my speech.

Mother, your holy mind and my mind, bless me.

So they become inseparable and of the same nature.

May you grant us their blessings,

Helping us achieve realisations and bringing auspiciousness to the path of our lives.

Sincere thanks to our Guest

Danny shared his wealth of experience and wisdom. He emphasised the importance of self-love as the foundation for loving others and cultivating peace. He also highlighted the transformative power of dedicating just a few minutes each day to a consistent practice of peace. 

Danny’s journey with Lama Gangchen serves as an inspiration to embrace self-love and inner peace, and his dedication to spreading these teachings brings immense value to the world.

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