“When I was close to the Rimpoche, it was easier to talk with people, to trust myself and to find the answers I needed. He taught me that the answer is inside you.” — Simona Eugenelo

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Healing through Music: Discovering Inner Peace with Simona Eugenelo and the United Peace Voices

Simona Eugenelo is a renowned singer and musician, known for her work with the United Peace Voices. She has been a dedicated student of Lama Gangchen Rimpoche, and her journey with him has been transformative.

From organising activities and teachings in Bologna, Italy, to travelling the world with Lama and the United Peace Voices, Simona has shared her beautiful voice and healing mantras, spreading peace and joy. She currently runs the Lama Gangchen Inner Joy  Meditation Center in Bologna, where she continues to teach Lama’s wisdom and inspire others with her music.

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • Discover how Simona’s life was transformed through her deep connection with Lama Gangchen Rimpoche. She shares insights into her personal growth and the wisdom she gained.
  • The power of mantras and music in healing: Simona’s expertise lies in using her voice to bring healing energy to others. Learn about the significance of mantras and how they can help cultivate peace and tranquillity in our lives.
  • The journey of the United Peace Voices: Explore Simona’s experiences as part of the United Peace Voices group, as they traveled the world, sharing their uplifting music and spreading a message of peace, unity and harmony.
  • Teaching Lama’s wisdom and promoting inner peace: Discover Simona’s work at the Lama Gangchen Inner Joy  Meditation Center, where she teaches Lama’s teachings and guides others in finding inner peace through meditation and music.

In melodies woven, a healing embrace,

Music’s gentle power, restoring grace.

Notes caress the soul, soothing and serene,

Healing whispers through harmonies unseen.


Through rhythm and verse, pain finds its release,

As melodies offer solace and inner peace.

In harmonious symphony, wounds find repair,

A healing journey, woven through the air.


Music’s enchanting spell, a balm for the heart,

Where melodies heal, and burdens depart.

Let the healing power of music be unfurled,

Embracing our spirits in a harmonious world.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

Thank you for joining us in this inspiring conversation with Simona Eugenelo. Her voice and music carry the essence of healing and peace. To experience the transformative power of mantras, be sure to check out the United Peace Voices’ albums on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Please share this episode with your friends and stay tuned for our next episode. Be well, be peaceful, and thank you for joining us on this transformative journey.

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