“If you change your relation with your world, your eyes, your touch, your senses in general, then you are completely changing your reality.” — Jose Maria

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Transforming Perspectives: Overcoming Adversity and Inspiring Others with Jose Maria Arrocena and Lama Gangchen

Our guest today is Jose Maria Arrocena, a remarkable individual with an inspiring story of resilience and personal transformation.

Jose Maria, originally from Spain, grew up in the Basque country and later settled in Malaga, Spain. Tragedy struck when he was involved in a devastating accident that left him paralyzed. However, instead of succumbing to despair, Jose Maria embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, which eventually led him to the renowned spiritual teacher Lama Gangchen.

Jose Maria’s encounter with Lama Gangchen in the 1980s marked a turning point in his life. Despite the challenges posed by his physical condition, Jose Maria accompanied Lama Gangchen on numerous travels across the globe, including challenging destinations like India, Nepal, and Indonesia. He played a pivotal role as Lama Gangchen’s translator in Spain and South America, fostering connections and facilitating healing for countless individuals.

Jose Maria’s commitment and dedication led him to become a key member of the Lama Ganchen World Peace Foundation’s board of directors and a driving force behind the Albagnano Healing Meditation Center in Italy. Currently, he serves as the director of Tsering Jong a new Dharma retreat center situated in Granada’s breathtaking mountainside.

In this conversation, you'll learn:


  • The power of shifting perspective: Jose Maria’s journey exemplifies the profound impact that a change in perspective can have on one’s reality, enabling them to lead a more meaningful and joyous life despite significant obstacles.
  • The art of resilience: Through Jose Maria’s story, listeners will discover the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit to overcome adversity and transform challenges into opportunities for growth and personal development.
  • The gift of compassion: As a translator and dedicated disciple of Lama Gangchen, Jose Maria has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of compassion. Listeners will explore the importance of cultivating empathy and kindness in their own lives.
  • Finding purpose and serving others: Jose Maria’s involvement in various organizations and retreat centers reflects his commitment to sharing the teachings he received. Listeners will be inspired to explore their own paths of service and make a positive impact in their communities.

In the face of great adversity,

A phoenix rises, a symbol for all to see.

Resilience ignites, inspiring transformation,

Guiding others towards their own salvation.


Through challenges and storms we tread,

Transforming struggles into strength instead.

With unwavering spirit, we take flight,

Spreading hope and inspiring light.


Overcoming mountains, forging a new path,

We rewrite our stories, defying life’s wrath.

In our journey, we carry the flame,

Guiding others to do the same.

Sincere thanks to our Guest!

This episode was filled with profound insights and wisdom from Jose Maria, offering invaluable lessons on shifting perspectives, resilience, compassion, and purposeful living.

Jose Maria’s personal journey and the teachings he shared were truly transformative. He encouraged us to honor Lama Gangchen’s legacy by practicing the wisdom he imparted, fostering peace within ourselves, our relationships, and our environment.

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Please share this episode with your friends and stay tuned for our next episode. Be well, be peaceful, and thank you for joining us on this transformative journey.

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